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12 years of NDP rule, areas like Fort Rouge have lost protection and become less safe

In the 12 years that the NDP have been in power, areas like Fort Rouge have become less safe.  In Osborne Village, as an example, the community police station has closed, the foot patrol program has ended and police cadets are rarely seen in the area. The NDP government has the power to put these resources in areas like Fort Rouge that have seen high crime rates, but have not. The end result is residents in the area feeling much less safe on streets like Osborne, Corydon and Wellington Crescent. 

Paul Hesse

“Escalating safety concerns in places like Osborne Village, Wellington Cresent and Fort Rouge has been a failure of the NDP,” says Paul Hesse Manitoba Liberal candidate for Fort Rouge. “When funding was cut for foot patrols, when the community police station left the area, the NDP MLA for Fort Rouge was silent.  I will fight to have regular foot patrols funded to protect Fort Rouge.” 

Fort Rouge has been the target of many high profile violent crimes, arsons and robberies recently which could have been mitigated with a stronger police and foot patrol presence. The provincial government funds the police cadet program and in coordination with the City of Winnipeg, its mandate could be expanded to ensure there are more police cadets in the area. 

“When I’m at the door, many  voters are telling me that they fear for their safety like never before,” says Hesse. “I will stand up in the legislature representing the people of Fort Rouge and ensuring the neighbourhood is protected.”