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McFadyen commits to new home for Osborne House, use of GPS to protect victims 

Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Hugh McFadyen made another commitment to improve public safety today, pledging to invest $5 million to provide a new home for Osborne House, and to expand the use of GPS technology to help protect victims of domestic violence. McFadyen profiled an example of the technology that is currently available in Canada that features a steel tamper-resistant band, a cell phone built into the ankle-bracelet, and an alarm that can be remotely activated if the offender enters certain areas.  The technology could be used to help enforce restraining orders as well as tracking dangerous sex offenders. 

Hugh McFadyen

“It is an unfortunate reality for some women that they have to live in fear of domestic violence.  Restraining orders and other tools don’t always provide the necessary protection for some victims,” says McFadyen.  “By employing GPS technology to help enforce restraining orders, police will have a tool to know immediately if an order is violated, and quickly determine if a victim needs assistance.” 

McFadyen says that Osborne House is currently overcrowded and is in need of more than $1 million of renovations. The development of a new 15,000 square foot site to replace its current overcrowded location will provide greater safety for more domestic violence victims. 

“I can’t tell you what it means to have someone finally listen to the concerns we’ve been raising about our current location,” says Barbara Judt.  “We do the best we can, but we are completely out of space and are dealing with mould and renovation issues when we should be putting all of our efforts into helping women and children through their crises and move into the next stage of their lives.” 

“Greg Selinger has ignored pleas for help from Manitoba’s largest women’s shelter for years. Osborne House prides itself on providing a safe haven for women and children in crisis, but its current site is plagued with mould and is too small to meet the demand,” says McFadyen. “GPS technology has been around for years. Greg Selinger and the NDP have been sitting on the results of a ‘study’. Osborne House has been in need of repairs for years. It’s time to stop dithering and get this moving.  Manitoba families deserve action, not delay.” 

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