“Manitoba PCs Will Boost Brandon Police Service” Helwer and Waddell

Sep 26, 2011 | Government News

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Full support for five new officers will improve public safety in Brandon

After 12 years of Greg Selinger and the NDP, violent crime is out of control. The alarming headlines that have accompanied the rise of the gangs under Greg Selinger’s watch are often seen in Winnipeg, but violent crime is a problem across Manitoba, and Brandon is no exception.

Hugh McFadyen and the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives are committed to fighting crime right across Manitoba, and announced they would provide full support for an additional five officers for the Brandon Police Service if elected.

Reg Helwer

“Greg Selinger and the NDP have ignored the violent crime problem right across Manitoba, especially in Brandon,” says Manitoba PC BrandonWest Candidate Reg Helwer. “Violence and gang activity are springing up across Manitoba, and affecting people’s safety here in Brandon. A McFadyen government is prepared to stand up to violent crime, and put more police on the street to do it.”

A McFadyen government would fully fund five Brandon Police officers, including benefits, at a cost of $450,000. This would ensure costs are not off-loaded on the City of Brandon. 

Mike Waddell

“Greg Selinger has admitted the violent crime problem and the gangs have gotten worse on his watch,” says Manitoba PC Brandon East Candidate MikeWaddell. “Hugh McFadyen has the strength to recognize there is a problem, and take real action to tackle it. People in Brandon are tired of NDP press releases – they want real police resources to tackle this issue.”

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