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Liberals would allow families to hold required settlement funds in Canada 

Tyndall Park Liberal candidate Roldan Sevillano has met with countless Canadian families trying to bring loved ones to Manitoba. One of the most difficult obstacles that these families must overcome is one put in place by the NDP. 

An applicant to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) must show proof that he has CDN$10,000 worth of assets. This is intended to ensure their successful settlement in Manitoba. Until recently, Manitoba families had the option of establishing trust funds in Canada to fulfill this financial requirement. 

Recently, the NDP government revoked this option. Considering the vast disparity between average incomes in Canada and countries like India and the Philippines, Manitoba Liberals feel that this unfairly disadvantages skilled applicants from the developing world. 

Manitoba Liberals will reverse the NDP decision. This will allow Manitoba families to provide the required settlement funds on behalf of their loved ones by placing it in trust with the provincial government. 

Roldan Sevillano

“I have seen first hand the frustration that the NDP’s decision has caused,” says Sevillano, “Manitoba families want to extend that extra measure of support to their loved ones but the NDP government has prevented them from doing so. I will fight to reverse their decision.”