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A Housing announcement with a focus on suburban areas where growth is well underway (Waverley West, Meadows West) fails to help the neighbourhoods where housing is needed most.

Housing is in demand in areas like Fort Rouge, South Osborne, The West End, North Winnipeg, Wolseley, and even in St. James and St. Boniface.

Areas where development is healthy do not require government support.

People want to live in original neighborhoods.  People want to retire where they spent most of their adult lives.  New Canadians and young people want to be closer to downtown, and closer to the neighbourhoods they frequent.

 The vacancy rate has worsened over the last twelve years and this focus is the wrong approach.

Jon Gerrard

“The NDP have failed to improve housing over the last 12 years and they continue to neglect the areas of the city where housing demand is greatest, like Fort Rouge, North Winnipeg, and the West End,” said Dr. Jon Gerrard.  “Our approach is a housing strategy to develop the areas where demand is greatest.”

 Added Gerrard: “We need a plan driven by the demand of people who need housing and not the demand of developers.”

 Manitoba Liberals would support incentives in areas that need it most, to help people who need it most, to build Strong Families and Healthy Communities.