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Reducing phosphorus, building community gardens and investing in a green economy part of Liberal plan

Manitoba Liberal Leader Jon Gerrard announced a comprehensive eco-plan for the province today to reduce phosphorus in our lakes, protect space for community gardens and investing in a green economy.

Jon Gerrard

“In 12 years the NDP have neglected to protect our lakes, overdeveloped valuable green space and failed to capitalize on the green economy,” says Gerrard. “We get that Manitobans value the environment and are taking steps to protect our valued natural resources.

Highlights of the eco-plan include:

  • Additional investments for community gardens in areas with high-levels of infill development like big box stores and high density residential areas.
  • Additional investments for composting programs.
  • Protecting Lake Winnipeg by phasing out phosphorus in commercial dishwasher detergents as well as residential automatic dishwasher detergents.
  • Building green business in Manitoba to grow our economy and make Manitoba more sustainable.

The year-one investment of this initiative will be $4.0 million.