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Do you have mamisma?

How to get your maternal power working for you

From mama bears to mama birds, the instinctual ferocity of a mother to protect her young extends to every species. Mothers are hard-wired to protect and rescue their babies, fend off predators and provide a nurturing home environment. Fathers of course, have their own instinctual drives to provide and care for their families, and it is predominantly male attributes that have shaped the world’s businesses and governments. Throughout the women’s movements of the 1960s and 70s, women often took on ‘male traits’ to be successful in a ‘man’s world’. In today’s post-feminist world, however, we see women rising to the top on the merits of their own very female traits. 

We’re talking about ‘mamisma’ – female strength, resilience and grace under pressure. It’s kind of like machismo, only driven by a female instinct for getting things done in a collaborative, supportive, compassionate manner. Many politicians today bring their mamisma to the table. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, is one of the most respected leaders trying to calmly steer the Eurozone out of its debt troubles. Thailand, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Australia, India, Ireland, Croatia, Iceland and Finland are all countries that currently have female presidents or prime ministers who are leading with their mamisma… 


Safe haven investing

Is any investment a sure thing anymore?

What the heck is going on in the global financial markets these days? You’ve got Europe practically collapsing under debt, the US has had two rounds of printing more money to keep its economy going and is talking about doing it again for a third round; and very few new jobs are being created anywhere. There is a big worry that the efforts governments are making to ‘spur’ their economies might work a little too well – like letting a genie out of a bottle; suddenly too much money in the system will make currency worth less, prices will skyrocket and boom, you’ve got an inflation problem on your hands. 

Under such chaotic conditions, investors have been doing what they normally do in dangerous times: buying gold and “safe” currencies such as the Swiss Franc. Now gold is veering close to $2,000 an ounce making some analysts say the metal is crazy overvalued and poised for a fall. Meanwhile, the Swiss government has stepped in to slow down the pace of their money (if their currency shoots too much higher than other countries, no one will be able to afford their watches and chocolates and then where will they be?). So what’s an investor to do? Is there such a thing as a safe haven for investments anymore?  Let’s take a look at your options… 


What are your investments trying to tell you?

Cracking the code on investment statement lingo

If you’re like many investors, you probably stressed about which investments to choose and discussed the various asset allocation models ad nauseum with your financial advisor. You were introduced to an alphabet soup of new terminology and acronyms, to which you nodded and knew you would never remember even if a dinner date with Clive Owen depended on it. Now, when you receive your quarterly investment account statements, the letters and numbers swim in front of your eyes. You quickly scan the top page to find the one number that represents the current dollar figure in your account, then toss the pages into a file folder, figuring you might need them come tax time. 

Ok, so it’s a system that works for you. Or does it? Wouldn’t you rather know what you are missing? Maybe there’s some good news buried in there amongst all the figures and financial blah-blah. Maybe if you understood the terms, you would be able to make that current dollar figure grow even faster. Aha – gotcha! Read on sister; we’re here to make reading your investment statements less intimidating and maybe even fun… 

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