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Sep 16, 2011 | Chamber News, Government News

Think BOLD: Manitoba Becomes a World Leader in Clean Energy through an expanded Manitoba Hydro

Live Better: Creating jobs, increasing incomes, keeping our youth, attracting people and entrepreneurs

  • Encourages and supports the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Creation of high-paying job opportunities
  • Grows the Manitoba tax base

The Province of Manitoba through legislative direction expands the mandate of Manitoba Hydro from a hydro-electric company to one that is an International leader in clean energy.

  • That the Province of Manitoba following the election commit to a review of Manitoba Hydro – The review would ensure public ownership of Manitoba Hydro continues while at the same time examines export markets, rate structure, provincial dividend policy, conservation targets, energy efficiency standards, opportunities for third party collaboration, private sector investment and participation in the energy sector and future opportunities.
  • That the Province of Manitoba receives an annual dividend from Manitoba Hydro that provides a reasonable rate of return for Manitobans.

To further enhance the expanded mandate for Manitoba Hydro the Province of Manitoba develop a Clean Energy Strategy that accomplishes the following goals:

  • Attracts investment and human resources around the development of wind, solar, geo-thermal, hydro and bio-mass – leveraging our natural advantages in all of the areas of clean energy to build the sector.
  • Leverages our manufacturing expertise to produce energy products – as a centre for manufacturing excellence Manitoba is well positioned to attract manufacturers involved in the energy sector.
  • Creates “Energy Development Zones” at CentrePort and SmartPark that will provide incentives and a cluster of companies in the sector.
  • Aligns our post-secondary institutions behind the objective for both research and development and human resources development – the investment in this area of development for our post secondary institutions will serve to attract the investment interest and human resource interest needed to grow this sector
  • Develops energy specific government programs that will increase investment in the area and help to attract international companies – financial and regulatory programs that are specific to the energy sector that will help to attract the investment required.
  • Develops an investment capital pool for clean technology enterprise.

– The Manitoba Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund would encourage the development of new sources of clean energy and technologies to help support local economies and livelihoods in communities across Manitoba  ($25-million)

Think BOLD: Manitoba is an environmental leader in Canada through the development of Green Technology

Live better

  • Encourages and supports the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Increased focus on a clean environment
  • Creation of high-paying job opportunities
  • Manitoba becomes a hub for research, development and commercialization
  • Grows the Manitoba tax base

That the Province of Manitoba establish a Centre for Excellence in Clean Technology in Manitoba

  • Pursue the attraction of international companies and entrepreneurs involved in clean technology
  • Leverage manufacturing expertise to produce clean tech products

That the Province of Manitoba in partnership with the International Institute for Sustainable Development aggressively pursue the bioeconomy as part of a basin-wide effort to clean up Lake Winnipeg

  • IISD has advocated for the broader concept of the bioeconomy where renewable resources provide energy as well as bio-materials and bio-chemicals – the approach can be integrated with water resources management as we’re showing with the Netley-Libau nutrient-bioenergy project where we’re producing bioenergy and recycling nutrients as we lower the nutrient load on Lake Winnipeg.

That the Province of Manitoba establishes a comprehensive water strategy for Manitoba to deal with flooding, water storage & drainage issues.

  • That the Manitoba Government commit to greater investment in and use of LIDAR, particularly in the Red River Valley and Assiniboine River basins, and other areas of Manitoba subject to flooding, to assemble an accurate digital model of these areas.

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