Tourism Winnipeg Youtube Channel Passes 5000 Views!

Sep 12, 2011 | Corporate Member News

Local Media company New Media Now generates 4200+ views in 75 days.

Economic Development Winnipeg Inc./Tourism Winnipeg has partnered with Winnipeg studio New Media Now to produce a New Media tourism series for the Tourism WPG Youtube Channel that will highlight events and festivals that take place in the city for 2012.

The 10(+)ย  part series, titled “Visit Winnipeg!” was specifically developed and formatted for Social Media Audience consumption and retention. It will highlight and showcase a variety of events and festivals that take place in the city of Winnipeg during the year in Winnipeg Canada for the 2012 tourism year.

Formatted for Quick paced Social Media viewing and delivery, New Media Now produces video content and integrated online New Media Strategies specifically for the Social Media Space that resonate with Social Media audiences.

Established in May 2010, the Tourism Winnipeg channel had generated 846 views over 9 months.

Since June 21, 2011, over 4200+ views have been generated without marketing or traditional media investment, based on the Integrated New Media Strategy developed and deployed by New Media Now.

See the first upload titled: Visit Winnipeg! “Summer Pride in Winnipeg” Run time: 59 seconds.

Look for upcoming uploads over the next few months and as we say at New Media Now – Share Information!

For more information contact:

Jason Hasselmann
CEO Executive Producer
New Media Now

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