Western Union Business Solutions is a global leader in foreign exchange (FX) and a trusted international payments provider with clients operating in markets around the world. Our dedicated team helps companies of all sizes operate across borders and currencies with confidence and success.

The Business Solutions Advantage
We offer clients a competitive advantage through our world class service and extensive knowledge. Our team is focused on helping clients optimize their currency transactions in local, regional and international markets. Through our global banking relationships and tailored solutions, we are in a unique position to provide clients with more options and opportunities.

  • Protect your business from rapid market fluctuations
  • Transfer funds globally
  • Make payments on your schedule 24/7
  • Offer suppliers improved payment times
  • Benefit from a diverse service suite
  • Manage your currency risk with tailored hedging strategies
  • Save funds by paying in foreign currencies
  • Make currency transactions when rates are most favourable
  • Receive quality service from a team of professionals

To benefit from this relationship, please visit our FX Resource Centre or contact Western Union Business Solutions directly.

Vanessa Gillis
Corporate Foreign Exchange Dealer
Western Union Business Solutions
Phone: 204 987-6006
Email: [email protected].