The Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) has released its election “asks” – the key policies that we would like to see implemented by the Government of Manitoba after the October 4th election. 

Major Jay Fox, President of the MBP

“The Beef industry matters to every part of Manitoba, including the economy of our towns and cities” stated Major Jay Fox, President of MBP.  “Beef producers should also matter to every candidate and Party running in this provincial election.” 

MBP has designed a series of policy positions that will help drive investment into Manitoba and ensure the economic health of one of our province’s most important sectors: 

  1. Provision of Public Goods;
  2. Water Management;
  3. Strong Science Based Regulations;
  4. Manitoba Cattle Enhancement Council;
  5. Animal Health;
  6. Business Risk Management;
  7. Environmental Initiatives;
  8. Herd Protection; and
  9. Crown Land Management 

“We have prepared a short questionnaire for each party’s leadership that will help them outline their policies in these key areas,” continued Fox.  “On September 26th MBP will be posting, on our website, each party’s reply to the questionnaire.”   

MBP’s full policy platform and our questionnaire for the parties and their candidates are posted on our website at

Manitoba Beef Producers is the exclusive voice of the beef industry in Manitoba.  Our role and mission is to represent our beef producers through communication, research, advocacy and education.  We provide this representation within industry, to government, to the beef consumer and general public.  These efforts take place to strengthen our industry viability, improve prosperity and ensure a sustainable future for the beef industry in Manitoba for the benefit of all our producers.  The Manitoba Beef Producers represents 8,000 beef producers across the province.  

For Further Information Contact: 

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