“Gemini Awards Salute Digital Productions” Kellie Ann Benz, National Screen Institute – Canada

Sep 6, 2011 | Corporate Member News

Storming Juno Interactive

In what feels like a nanosecond, digital productions in Canada have upgraded to superior forms of entertainment.

While I’m no gamer nerd, I have to admit to a penchant for any digital productions with a historical bent. Imagine my delight when the exquisite Storming Juno Interactive won the Best Cross-Platform Project (Non-Fiction) at this week’s Gemini Awards. The brains behind this kick-ass history lesson have succeeded in making normally snore-worthy war facts cool, sexy and engaging.

But that’s not all.

This week a number of Gemini Awards were handed out for digi-productions and each one of them winks to a bright future for Canada’s storytellers.

Take another winner for example. The trophy collector in the category of Best Cross-Platform Project (fiction) went to DatingGuy.com that is not only funny, clever, charming and daring but also has the sure-to-get-you-fired Make A Porn option.

And no, I did not go there.

Speaking of keeping it PG, the Cross Platform for Kids Gemini went to Nelvana’s Barbar & The Adventures of Badou Interactive which I am guessing is a parent’s new best friend.

Another Gemini went to the well deserving team behind The Test Tube with David Suzuki this time in the category of Best Original Program or Series Produced for Digital Media – Non-Fiction (try engraving that on those small trophies). Beautifully made and engaging, it’s the kind of production that’ll inspire to you exclaim ‘And it’s Canadian too!’

Which brings me to the point as to why these award-winning programs deserve your attention: we’re getting kind of rad at these things. And you, as a Canadian person, oughta bring yo’self up to speed.

Me thinks the only thing missing is a category for Best Original Program or Series Produced for Digital Media – Fiction. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Canada has some of the best original web series on the net.

For now, congratulations to all you Gemini award-winning digi-nerds on your much deserved accolades. I hope these awards only inspire more greatness to come out of your already uber-talented brains.

– Kellie Ann Benz writes about short film and web series on the NSI website. Read Kellie’s own blog The Shorts Report

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