“HP Is Shutting Down Their Web-OS Device Business, Officially Exploring Options For The Remaining PSG Business – What In The World Is Going On?” David Reid, CEO, EPIC Information Solutions

Aug 25, 2011 | Corporate Member News

David Reid, President and CEO, EPIC Information Solutions

Last week’s news from HP was shocking. Shutting down their Web-OS device business and officially exploring options for the remaining PSG business. What in the World is going on? What’s currently going on is the transformation of IT, that is, how we deploy IT, how we manage IT, how people experience IT, and where we are going to get IT. 

The whole HP decision is about how people experience IT. I’m a pretty progressive user, and have always tried the latest technology, to see how my experience changed. Did the new device actually make life better for me? Did it make me more efficient? Did it allow me to work where I couldn’t before? The tablet workspace is that next great innovation. Like the laptop computers were. Many of you will not remember the first laptop….a lug-gable! By no means did it fit in our briefcase, and you certainly would not us it at the coffee shop! Well years past and that lug-gable had become a very light weight, very powerful tool that is used in all sorts of applications. In the past few years, many manufacturers developed tablet-pcs. What a flop. Great idea….but it didn’t improve my life style or efficiency (like the lug-gable). Why would I scribble with a pen, when the keyboard was right there? How could I use it for notes when it wasn’t instant on? And of course the battery life was questionable. 

Today, we have the tablet. Apple was the first to make it to market….and they have gobbled up the market. Others like Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, RIM, and HP have all released tablets as well. HP’s recent announcement is about a much larger conversation than HP’s tablet vs. others. Do they want to be in the end user device game? Do they want to participate in that part of the IT Transformation? Early indication from HP is that they prefer not to be in the end user device game, but rather lead in services transformation and “Cloud” infrastructure. 

If you ask me, the money will be in “Cloud” infrastructure. High availability, complexity, and big storage requirements all mean big money. The end user device will continue to be cut throat….and the only people making big money will be the ones that own the IP (Intellectual Property or patents) and the ones with massive market share. What’s interesting about the end user device transformation….it’s led by consumers. Who led the laptop adoption…business. Tablets are being led by consumers, who happen to be employees, and are now asking….why can’t I use this device at work? It makes my life better and is more efficient. This is transformational! 

The tablet is getting close to replacing my laptop. I no longer travel with a laptop, but at the office, I still need lots of screen real estate and most importantly business apps…which require a mouse! More work to be done….but it’s happening, and it’s happening quick! 

HP is making a commitment to IT Transformation. The difference is, they have decided that the best place for them to succeed will be in the Data Centre (Private Cloud) and in Public Cloud Infrastructure.     

** Opinions expressed in this commentary are solely the opinions of David Reid and not of HP, Apple, or any other organization.

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