Medigas Manitoba Proud to Help the Firefighters Burn Camp Mamawi

Aug 8, 2011 | Corporate Member News

The Firefighters Burn Camp Mamawi is a specialized camp provided for children who have survived a burn injury.  The camp provides a safe, positive environment for burned children to share their feelings and work together towards recovery. 

This year’s Burn Camp was held from July 20 – 23, 2011 at B’nai Brith on Lake of the Woods, Ontario. Thirty-eight children, aged 6 – 16, were in attendance, and had a great time. 

Medigas Manitoba Limited became involved with the Firefighters Burn Camp Mamawi in the 11th hour. Ken Dufault, Medigas Manitoba’s General Manager, received a call from Martin Johnson just two days before the kick-off of Camp. 

Ken learned the Camp wasn’t able to secure the backpacks from a past partner.  Having worked with the camp in the past and understanding how important these items were to the children, Medigas called Marantz & Sons to assist in expediting an order. The backpacks were air delivered to Medigas and Ken and Lori Morrish, a Sales Representative with Medigas Manitoba, promptly delivered the backpacks to Fire Station Number 1. They were greeted by many volunteers who, like Medigas Manitoba, are very proud to be a part of a program which makes a difference in people’s lives. 

Lori Morrish explains the experience:

I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist and I have worked at Medigas Manitoba as a Sales Representative for approximately 9 years.  I accompanied my General Manager to the Fire Fighters Burn Camp Picnic to drop off the backpacks which we were donating, and at first glance it could have been any picnic. There were the usual volunteers barbequing and making sure that everyone got plenty to eat.  There were volunteers registering the children for the camp and families sitting together enjoying the beautiful weather. The Firemen that were there were entertaining the children and family members with all kinds of activities; the bouncy toys and taking them up in the aerial bucket. 

However when I got a little closer, I could see the scars that the children carried with them, but this was a safe place because all the participants of the camp had the same scars.  They all had this is common! Here at the camp that they would be going to, wearing shorts and swimming suits so that their scars were evident would not be a concern, they would not be singled out or look different. 

The volunteers were not only Firemen or retired Firemen, but survivors of fires themselves; they also carried the scars of their injuries.  I had a chance to spend some time talking to one of the organizers of the camp, Martin Johnson, his enthusiasm and dedication to this cause was so apparent.  He has created a wonderful summer camp for these children.  I was so touched, it was very overwhelming. 

There are many great causes and many wonderful, dedicated volunteers who put in endless hours, they don’t ask for recognition for the work that they do, so I have to say that the volunteers of the Firefighter’s Burn Camp have created a wonderful, safe and fun week where these children can play and not feel self-conscience, but just be kids! 

It was a wonderful experience to meet the organizers and speak with the kids and I am very happy that we (Medigas) were able to make a donation to this very special event. 

Learn more about the Firefighters Burn Camp Mamawi here

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