The Truvia® Voyage of Discovery: Calorie-Free, Carbon Neutral

Aug 3, 2011 | Corporate Member News

All materials used to transform the roof of Selfridges into a magical island and boating lake to be re-used and recycled

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 Now that the much talked about Truvia® Voyage of Discovery on the roof of Selfridges has closed – Lambeth and south west London are next to be touched by the sweetness and magic of the Bompas & Parr installation. The 2,500 stevia plants which remained after the magical island and boating lake closed its doors at the end of its four-day run have been transported to two community projects in Lambeth’s Green Community Champions’ network, and to Chessington.

Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses, a charitable organisation set up as a resource to improve the lives of the local community, and Cowley Food Farm in Brixton, will both distribute the stevia plants, a small shrub native to South America, free of charge to visiting members of the public. The remainder have gone to Chessington Garden Centre, among the very few ISO 14001 certified centres in the UK. From there they will be distributed to local good causes and community projects.

It’s not just the stevia plants that have found a new home – every component that went into the build and design has been reused, recycled, repurposed or donated to ensure that no element or material goes to waste. Additionally, the carbon footprint of the event covering energy use, transportation and disposal was calculated at 10 tonnes and has been off-set.

The huge task of disassembling the installation began just a few short hours after the last boat had docked and the last of the 2,000 visitors had returned to terra firma.

Mark Brooks, Truvia® Global Product Line Director comments “Sustainability is at the heart of the Truvia® business from projects like this to our entire supply chain. We minimised the environmental impact of the event using criteria laid out in BS8901.  Every possible material from the event has been reused or recycled and all carbon emissions have been off-set. It’s particularly pleasing to have given the remaining 2,500 stevia plants to community groups after handing out thousands of plants to visitors during the event.”

The pond liner, underlay and some of the timber that was used in creating the boating lake were also given renewed life. The London Wildlife Trust, which runs over 40 nature reserves across Greater London, now has enough material to create new ponds for wildlife and support ongoing conservation projects.

Phil Paulo, Camden Area Manager for London Wildlife Trust says “We are grateful to receive the donation of timber and pond liner from the Truvia® Voyage of Discovery. It is great for London Wildlife Trust to have the opportunity to reuse these materials for our various projects across London.”

Steel joints used to support the installation have been returned to fabricators to be used in permanent construction. Steel plates, aluminium extrusions, polycarbonate sheets and plastic piping have been taken by London’s pre-eminent specialist recycler, Paper Round, and delivered to specialist recyclers.

Additional timber has been sent to Swallowtail Hill Farm in East Sussex to be distributed among community groups and charities for local construction projects.

And finally, the 12 dinghies that guests rowed themselves around in several hundred feet above Oxford Street have been taken back by Bompass and Parr, who will use some in upcoming events, and will distribute the remainder to deserving causes on behalf of Truvia® sweetener in inner London.

About the Truvia® Voyage of Discovery

The Truvia® Voyage of Discovery ran from the 21st – 24th July

An ambitious and visionary experience, the installation transformed over 400 square metres of the roof of Selfridges into a magical island and boating lake

The Truvia® Voyage of Discovery featured an emerald green boating lake, a crystal island with thousands of stevia plants, a fleet of rowing boats and a waterfall – six storeys above London’s busiest shopping street

Conceived by world-famous culinary architects and event curators Bompas & Parr, the Truvia® Voyage of Discovery was a chance for visitors to enjoy their first experience of the Truvia® brand and an introduction to nature’s sweet secret, the stevia leaf.

In celebration of the years of discovery it has taken to bring Truvia® sweetener from a leaf to the consumer’s table, the experience served as a metaphor for the Truvia® brand’s own remarkable journey

About Truvia® sweetener

Truvia® sweetener is a great tasting, calorie-free sweetener, made with the best-tasting part of the stevia leaf

Developed by Cargill and delivered in partnership with The Silver Spoon Company, Truvia® sweetener is anticipated to launch throughout the UK following EU regulatory approval later this year

Truvia® brand is currently the #1 stevia-based sweetener in the US and the #2 non-sugar sweetener – a market currently valued at $685 m (£434 m)

After less than three years on the US market, Truvia® brand has opened a new category of sweetener, helping to grow a previously stagnant retail category by 18 percent

For more information, visit 

About Cargill

Cargill is an international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services

Founded in 1865, the privately held company employs 131,000 people in 66 countries

Cargill helps customers succeed through collaboration and innovation

Cargill is committed to applying its global knowledge and experience to help meet economic, environmental and social challenges wherever it does business

For more information, visit 

About Associated British Foods and The Silver Spoon Company

Associated British Foods (ABF) is a diversified international food, ingredients and retail group with sales of £10.2 billion and 97,000 employees in 44 countries.

ABF aims to achieve strong, sustainable leadership positions in markets that offer potential for profitable growth, and deliver quality products and services that are central to people’s lives

Silver Spoon, one of a number of well known brands that form ABF’s UK Grocery Division, is the leading supplier of sugar and sweetener to the UK’s retail and foodservice markets.

For more information about Associated British Foods, visit 

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About Bompas & Parr

Operating in the space between ‘food and architecture’ two former school friends, Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, are world famous jelly-mongers, food experimentalists and culinary event curators.

Responsible for Calpol cupcakes, a 6ft gingerbread Gherkin, a walk-in G&T cocktail, remarkable jellies and a sense of the ridiculous, Bompas and Parr have caught the eye of everyone from Heston Blumenthal to Richard Rogers and commissions from the likes of Disney and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

The pair recently published their first book ‘Jelly’ complete with a brief history of gelled foods, recipes and photos of their most iconic gelatin towers including a replica of St. Paul’s Cathedral, helping to elevate jelly from children’s party staple to exotic foodstuff.

London Wildlife Trust is the only charity dedicated solely to protecting the capital’s wildlife and wild spaces, engaging London’s diverse communities through access to our nature reserves, campaigning, volunteering and education.

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