“Mutual Expectations: Confirming Priorities” by Dan Furlan, HR Strategies

Jul 29, 2011 | Corporate Member News

New Employees face a barrage of information, priorities and other distractions that can effectively bewilder them in a new job. Even after some time, it may still take a while to sort out what the key priorities are, amidst all the messages they receive. 

At the same time, as Managers, we want to get key messages through to build performance as effectively, and as soon as possible. We need to cut through the fog! 

Let’s recognize new Employees’ need for clear, logical messages to help them get started. Once that basic foundation is established, more detailed steps can be built on it. 

Smart Managers initially clarify the basics of the employment relationship with newcomers, by early discussion of Mutual Expectations on either side, Employee and Employer. Above all else, what are key points Managers want Employees to understand and act on? 

The key messages charted below enable newcomers to clearly understand what they should expect from the Employer and, what the Employer expects from them. We can more effectively launch new Employees with a short discussion of these basics to establish the working relationship going forward. 

Our obligation to Employees is to: Your obligation to the Employer is to:
Provide a safe, secure, workplace. Show up every day, on time, to do the job.
Provide fair pay & benefits. Do the best job you can.
Provide training & guidance to learn the job. Work well with other people.
Provide resources & support to get the job done. Where issues arise, let your Manager know about it.
 Provide assistance & problem solving when issues arise. Try to make things better on a continuous basis.

This is a start. Managers then need to ensure they demonstrate their availability to consult, and openness to discuss, any relevant topics. This keeps both parties better informed, and establishes a solid communication relationship going forward. 

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About Dan Furlan 

Dan Furlan, BA, CHRP, is a seasoned Human Resources Professional, having demonstrated Human Resources leadership in roles as a consultant, specialist and manager in both public and private sectors, including manufacturing, health care, telecommunications, financial and service industries. In these roles has been responsible for the full range of human resource management services in both local and national businesses.

A Past President of the Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba, he holds the professional designation Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRP) and has also instructed in HR at both college and university levels for many years. 

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