Businesses acquiring Ceridian’s industry-leading InView Workforce Management solution can use their existing time clocks to trade up to the latest timekeeping technology.

 Ceridian Corporation, a leading provider of human resource, workforce management, payroll, and benefits administration solutions, announced the start of its time clock trade-up program. Under the terms of the program, businesses that acquire Ceridian’s InView Workforce Management solution can use their existing time clocks as partial credit towards acquiring the latest time clock technology. The generous credit will substantially reduce the overall costs of transitioning to the industry’s best workforce management solution. To learn more about Ceridian’s trade-up program, interested readers should visit Ceridian’s Web site at

“Many companies have made a significant investment in time clocks,” explained Howard Tarnoff, senior vice president and general manager of Ceridian’s InView Workforce Management. “Time clocks typically cost between 1,200 and 3,000 dollars apiece. We are so confident our workforce management solution will help companies better manage their people we are willing to significantly defray the costs of swapping out their time clocks to prove it.”

While some businesses have few devices, others may have as many as 100 or more. Ceridian’s program will result in substantial savings. And since the cost of clocks is often significant, the investment is amortized over a period of years. Ceridian’s program tears down the barriers preventing some companies from upgrading to a new, industry-leading workforce management solution.

Ceridian’s program not only simplifies and lowers the cost of transitioning to a state-of-the-art workforce management solution, but it also manages the disposal of the replaced clocks. Ceridian’s clock trade-up program makes use of an established equipment destruction and reclamation program to properly process all time clocks. For instance, replaced time clocks often contain stored proprietary or confidential data. Ceridian’s program provides a secure process for proper destruction of old data. Similarly, parts must be disposed of according to proper waste reclamation regulations, while other non-toxic parts can be recycled. Again, Ceridian’s program ensures all proper disposal and reclamation processes are followed.

“If you want state-of-the-art time and attendance, labor scheduling, tracking, analytics and more, there is no better time to upgrade your workforce management solution,” concluded Howard Tarnoff. “Ceridian is here to help.”

For more information about Ceridian’s groundbreaking time clock trade-in program, please visit our web site at

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