Manitoba Beef Producers Welcomes Swift Announcement of Aid for Flooded Beef Producers

Jun 30, 2011 | Corporate Member News

Beef producers in Manitoba received some welcome relief today after today’s comprehensive announcement by Minister of Agriculture, Stan Struthers.  

Major Jay Fox, President of the MBP

“We have two words for Minister Struthers,” said Major Jay Fox, President of Manitoba Beef Producers, “Thank you”! 

MBP has lobbied consistently on behalf of struggling producers affected by the flooding crisis. 

“They have listened to us and addressed the very obvious need in the livestock sector in this province in the timeframe that was needed.”  Fox also acknowledged the great working relationship between the provincial and federal ministers and MBP.  “We have worked very cooperatively together in the development of this program and they have come forward quickly.  It’s a comprehensive package that addresses all parts of the industry – cow/calf, feed shortage and the feedlot sector.” 

Unprecedented flood conditions have had devastating effects on producers in many areas of this province forcing them to evacuate and/or preventing them from seeding and harvesting crops needed to feed their animals through the fall and winter.

“This announcement will allow our producers the ability to preserve their herd and sustain and rebuild their operations.”  

The programs, which will be cost shared 60/40 between the provincial and federal governments, include: 

  • 37.5 million –  to address forage shortfalls (as the need becomes apparent);
  • 23.5 million – for forage restoration (estimated at $50.00/acre);
  • 5.2 million – for feed transportation assistance;
  • 2.5 million – into green feed incentive program (estimated at $15.00/acre, and which will require an arrangement between livestock producer and landowner);
  • 8 million to feedlots. 

Fox emphasized that having the program announcement include the feedlot sector is of vital importance.  

“Feedlots have not been overlooked – that hasn’t always been the case.  This is something Manitoba Beef Producers has pushed for strongly.  It’s also important to note that all of these announcements fall under the AgriRecovery program, not Disaster Assistance – which is also something pushed for by MBP.” 

At this time only the Province has agreed to feedlot restoration, so Fox said MBP encourages the federal government to also fast track its approvals for their portion of this program. 

Fox further stated that MBP will continue to work with both levels of government on the details of all programs to ensure the delivery is equitable and accessible for all producers.  

“We wish to thank Minister Struthers for his leadership and commitment to our industry and our producers.” 

Manitoba Beef Producers is the exclusive voice of the beef industry in Manitoba.  Our role and mission is to represent our beef producers through communication, research, advocacy and education.  We provide this representation within industry, to government, to the beef consumer and general public.  These efforts take place to strengthen our industry viability, improve prosperity and ensure a sustainable future for the beef industry in Manitoba for the benefit of all our producers.  The Manitoba Beef Producers represents 8,000 beef producers across the province.  

For Further Information Contact: 

Cam Dahl                                                                                                              
General Manager                                                                                                                
Phone: 204.772.4542                     

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