AGM 2011: “Manitoba BOLD”

May 15, 2011 | Chamber News

In this session, Dave Angus, President and CEO of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, talked about a new initiative to develop “a business-led campaign to challenge the ‘policy slumber’ that we find ourselves in – to challenge the business community to come forward with bold ideas.”

While the event Dave is speaking about in the video below has passed, his presentation outlines an initiative that is just beginning. Be sure to check it out as well as the text message from Dave that follows.  

  • When Mark Chipman and True North decided to build the MTS Centre it was considered a BOLD idea!  
  • When Izzy Asper decided the Human Rights Museum should be built in Winnipeg it was a BOLD idea!  
  • The soon to be opened $585-million James A Richardson International Airport is a BOLD idea!  
  • The $200-million redevelopment of Assiniboine Park and the new Polar Bear Exhibit is a BOLD idea!  

Manitoba BOLD: A Message From Dave Angus 

In my job, it is easy to turn from excited to depressed in the blink of an eye. I am over-the-top excited about the great projects that have been completed or are in play: 

  • The Canadian Museum for Human Rights  
  • Assiniboine Park  
  • The new airport terminal  
  • The world-class Manitoba Hydro building  
  • The new Bomber stadium  
  • The expansions to our post secondaries  
  • And many more projects that are re-inventing our province  

Dave Angus

That is why, when I sit through a throne speech or budget, my mood changes dramatically. The bold vision and ideas that need to move from projects to policy do not happen in Manitoba and haven’t happened for decades. 

That is why The Winnipeg Chamber is developing a business-led campaign to challenge the “policy slumber” that we find ourselves in – to challenge the business community to come forward with bold ideas.  

On May 25, we hosted Manitoba BOLD, a conference that brought the business community together across a number of sectors to propose and discuss a new way of thinking … BOLD. 

If we are going to achieve our potential as a centre of excellence in business, we require a more aggressive approach. It is time for us to make a statement about our future and the world-class companies we are building. It is time for us to get the attention of people from around the world who currently don’t know we exist, never mind know why they should consider Manitoba. Let’s build an entrepreneurial culture committed to enterprise development and growth. Let’s commit to innovation for the purpose of commercializing new ideas and enhancing the international competitiveness of our local companies. Let’s decide what we will be known for and take that message out to strategic international markets. Let’s continue to build a workforce that is more productive than any other and is most importantly a strategic advantage. Let’s create an environment that is the envy of the country and leads to all of the above. Let’s be bold. 

The next provincial election represents an opportunity for Manitoba to define an exciting new path towards a vision that leverages our many strengths. Manitoba Bold will be packaged into a campaign that we will take to the public. We are taking what we learned from the May 25 conference and will challenge all parties for a response. It is critical that the business community’s voice is heard loud and clear.  

There is a lot at stake as the world has changed after the unprecedented economic downturn. Companies from around the world will be more aggressive, more committed to competitiveness and productivity and more innovative. Governments from around the world will be scrambling to find ways to create an environment and define strategic investments that will assist their companies in competing in an international marketplace that is getting more and more competitive. Companies and governments, more than ever, need to work together to take the risks and the bold moves necessary to create exciting new jobs and opportunities. We want those jobs coming to Manitoba.  

The Winnipeg Chamber is very excited about the campaign we are undertaking with our members and partner organizations.  If we don’t seize this opportunity to amplify our voice at a time that can have a real impact then we deserve what we get. 

Learn more here.

An AGM Message from the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce:

Thanks to our host, the Brandon Chamber of Commerce, and a special thanks to our sponsors; they helped make our AGM possible and the success it was (click on company title to access its website):

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