Information and Directives for Manitoba Cattle Producers Affected by Impending Flooding Threats

May 10, 2011 | Corporate Member News

This notice applies to cattle producers in the following areas:

LGD of Alonsa, RM’s of Lakeview, Westbourne, Portage La Prairie, Woodlands, St. Laurent, Coldwell, Eriksdale, Siglunes and Lake Manitoba:

Manitoba Beef Producers is in consultation with the Province and will continue to provide updated information on our website as it becomes available –   

As a matter of urgency, it is required that you take immediate action to have your cattle evacuated from the flood zone areas as soon as possible.  The following steps should be taken and further instruction and/or provision of potential resources will be made once you make the following contacts.  MBP will continue to work closely with the Province and has been given the commitment of  the Minister of Agriculture that every effort is being made and every barrier removed for the successful evacuation, transportation and feed provision of cattle in the event areas.  Minister Struthers has provided every assurance that producers will be treated fairly with regard to damage assessment, program implementation and compensation with the additional commitment to move forward swiftly. 

Please take the following steps in the order outlined: 

1) Contact your local RM as a first course of action.

2) Contact your MAFRI office and/or local Go Centre. 

a) An emergency Command Centre has been set up to deal with any animal welfare issues; the moving of cattle and the need for feed:  Contact #  945-8000

b) 2011 Flood Contacts for Manitoba Livestock Producers / Website Links

Manitoba Hay Listing Site –  

Hay or Straw Wanted Site –  

Cattle Boarding Offered and Cattle Boarding Wanted Listing – 

Alternative Feeds Listing – 

Custom Trucking Services Directory – 

3) Contact DFA to fill out assistance forms immediately.  Please ensure detailed documentation of every activity related to your evacuation process is recorded.  Contact #  945-3050

NOTE:   Due to this urgent call for evacuation of cattle in those areas surrounding Lake Manitoba, it is of great urgency to find available pasture, feed or places to hold cattle for both the short and long term.  Therefore, a list of producers that have pasture available and which can be utilized for the summer is needed.  Please contact the Teulon GO Centre at 886-2696 or the Manitoba Beef Producers office at 772-4542 or toll free at 800-772-0458 to advise of any known pasture land available so that this information can be linked to existing listing and so a current list can be provided. 

In addition to the available pasture land, we also need: 

  1. An approximate of how many pairs and yearlings can be placed at that location. 
  2. Feed availability to be used to feed these cattle in the event they are held there for a period of time.  (I.e., either a general amount of feed for sale in an area or specific lots of feed for sale).
  3. Producer contact information and an indication of whether the producer is able or willing to look after or care for these cattle while they remain on their land.

Please provide any location that can accept and hold cattle for a period of time, even should there not be sufficient pasture for the cattle to remain for the season.   

MBP is urgently calling on all neighbours, producers, crown lands, grain farmers for any and all assistance for those of our producers that are facing urgent evacuation circumstances. 

We will continue to provide updated information on our website as it becomes available –  

Audrey Treichel
Manitoba Beef Producers
154 Paramount Road
Winnipeg, MB R2X 2W3
Phone: 772-4542
Cell: 771-0909
Email:  [email protected]

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