Daily Draws for WSO’s Symphony Sweepstakes Happening Now!

Apr 29, 2011 | Corporate Member News

The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO) is looking forward to further enriching many of their patrons’ lives with its Symphony Sweepstakes, sponsored by Mercedes Benz. 

Symphony Sweepstakes – also known as the “Car Raffle” – is a fundraising initiative by the WSO in which all money raised goes towards the Artistic Operations Department as well as the Education & Outreach Department. Moneys raised provide exceptional musical experiences for all Manitobans, both at the WSO’s home (Centennial Concert Hall) but also in schools, nurseries, hospitals and care homes throughout the city and province. 

“In the education and outreach programs, we see how music bridges the gap of age, background and culture,” says Meredith Johnson, WSO principal bassist. “To see the powerful effect that music can have on young people is truly an inspiration for performers and audiences alike.” 

A total of $250,000 in cash and prizes (tax free) will be given away including two draws for $2,500; five draws for $1,000; 15 draws for $500; two draws for $500 in Domo Gas Certificates; and 225 draws for WSO concert tickets. The Car Raffle culminates with the final grand prize draw on Sunday, May 15, when one lucky ticket buyer will win either a 2011 Mercedes Benz (valued at $75,000) or $60,000 cash tax free. 

Only 9000 tickets are printed for Symphony Sweepstakes, for which daily draws began on Friday. Ticket buyers – whose names are re-entered after winning – have 250 chances to win. 

Tickets are available online here (http://www.wso.ca/wso-lottery/) or on the 24-hour hotline: 784-3789 or 1-866-809-3976. 

Ticket prices: 1 for $45; 3 for $100; 6 for $200; 9 for $900 

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