Manitoba Trucking Association Decries Annual Closure of Highway 75, Says Permanent Solution Must Be Found

Apr 18, 2011 | Corporate Member News

The Manitoba Trucking Association today renewed their call for a permanent solution to Highway 75 flood closures with the main corridor set to be shut down this afternoon. The detour to the U.S border, as designated by the Manitoba government, adds approximately 100 kilometres to any southern route.

The closure of Highway 75, a crucial trading route between Manitoba and the United States, was simply a matter of time given the state of water levels in the province. In 2009, the highway closed for 35 days and added $1.5 million a week to the cost of trucking goods between Canada and United States. MTA Executive Director Bob Dolyniuk expects the costs of the closure to be equal to, if not higher to that year.

Bob Dolyniuk

“With over 1100 trucks per day travelling both ways on Highway 75, its imperative now more than ever that we have a permanent solution to the yearly flooding question, says Dolyniuk. Commerce in Manitoba depends on it, as do our members. The detour facing drivers each year adds fuel costs, labour costs and other unnecessary burdens.”

The closure of Highway 75 increases the headache facing truckers, which have already had to deal with overland flooding causing traffic bottlenecks and detours at various points along I-29 in and around the Fargo area.

The detours come at a time when truck drivers and transport companies are already contending with increased fuel prices. These detours often add to the length of the route, thus increasing fuel consumption.

The Manitoba Trucking Association exists to develop and maintain a safe and healthy business environment for our industry members.

For more information contact:

Bob Dolyniuk
Executive Director
Phone: (204) 632-6600
E-mail: [email protected]

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