Life Science Association of Manitoba Newsletter: April 5, 2011

Apr 5, 2011 | Corporate Member News

In this issue:

Member & Local News 

  • Valeant Pharmaceuticals Proposes to Acquire Cephalon, Inc. for $73 Per Share in Cash    
  • Kane Biotech Announces Private Placement Offering
  • Bipole III Will Cost $3.28 Billion to Build
  • University of Utah Hospital Purchases IMRISNV

Life Science in the News  

  • Legal Challenges to Healthcare Reform Threaten Biopharmaceutical Legislation 
  • Ethanol Backlash Masks a Bigger Energy Problem   
  • New Alzheimer’s Genes Identified 
  • IBM’s Tiny Technology Rips Up Drug-Resistant Germ Cells in Early Research

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About the Life Science Association of Manitoba (LSAM): 

LSAM represents all those involved in the Life Science Sector in Manitoba. The Life Science Sector focuses on the use of innovative biological tools and products, the creation of wealth and sustainability in the production of medical treatments, diagnostics, more-nutritional foods, energy, chemicals, and materials, while improving the quality of the environment.

The Life Science sector is a key to economic growth within the Province of Manitoba and is currently estimated to contribute more than 7% of the province’s GDP. In addition to generating value on its own, the Life Science sector is helping to grow and sustain competitiveness in ailing and traditional sectors of the economy, through the application of new and innovative products and processes. 

To find out more about LSAM visit its website here

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