The Manitoba Canola Growers Association Explores New Marketing Option for Farmers

Apr 1, 2011 | Corporate Member News

The Manitoba Canola Growers’ Association (MCGA) today announced that it will be conducting a survey of prairie canola growers to determine if they are interested in participating in voluntary marketing of canola through the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB).  
Beginning next week, an ad will run in the Manitoba Co-operator and the Western Producer asking canola growers whether they would be interested in committing some of their production to the CWB should this open market option be made available to them.  If there is sufficient grower interest in the proposal, MCGA will then move forward with the next steps, which include getting approval from the CWB board of directors, developing a marketing plan, and getting the plan approved by the Minister responsible for the Canadian Wheat Board.  
Interested canola producers are asked to fill in the survey online at or they can tear-off at the bottom of the advertisement in the newspaper and return it by fax or mail to the MCGA office (400-167 Lombard Ave. R3B 0T6) in Winnipeg by April 30th.

“The idea of selling canola on the open market through the CWB has been under consideration since our members passed a resolution directing us as their board to investigate alternative marketing methods for growers,” said Ed Rempel, MCGA Vice President.  “Since the CWB is already a farmer-owned and controlled international marketing agency, it seemed logical to ask it to take on the task of marketing canola on a voluntary basis.” 

To learn more about this new marketing initiative, canola growers can visit the MCGA’s website at
MCGA is a member organization committed to maximizing net income from canola.

For more information Contact:
Ed Rempel, (204) 735 2846 or his cell 204-299-6465

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