Manitoba’s New High-Speed 4G Wireless Network Launches Today

Mar 31, 2011 | Corporate Member News

  • MTS provides faster high-speed data speeds of up to 21 Mbps to 1/3 more Manitobans
  • New wireless smartphones to hit the shelves at MTS Connect stores
  • Customers gain ability to roam in more than 200 countries worldwide
  • $100+ million investment in 4G network opens the door for a greater variety of innovative products, services and bundles
  • MTS unveils new advertising campaign, bringing back a popular Manitoba icon 

Stock Symbol: MBT

MTS customers throughout Manitoba can begin enjoying the many benefits of the new MTS 4G network starting today. The new network is available to 97 per cent of Manitobans and provides customers with extensive and reliable coverage, lightning fast data speeds and an exciting new lineup of smartphones available at MTS Connect stores across the province.

Kelvin Shepherd

“Our new high-speed 4G network offers MTS customers faster and more reliable service as well as more wireless device choices,” said MTS President Kelvin Shepherd. “Looking to the future, our investment in 4G technology will allow us to focus on delivering more services that meet our customers’ evolving needs – such as programming your MTS Ultimate TV PVR with your MTS smartphone.”

With download speeds up to 21 Mbps on the new network, customers will be able to browse websites, download attachments, and stream videos even faster. The next-generation wireless network will deliver high-speed data to 97 per cent of the population, improving on MTS’s CDMA-EVDO network which reaches 72 per cent of the population.

“Today’s network launch marks an important milestone in MTS’s history, and reflects a lot of hard work by our employees,” said Mr. Shepherd. “We are also excited about today because we are launching a new advertising campaign. We are bringing back a friend that many of our customers told us they had missed. Check out our new commercial at and find out who is back and better than ever.”

MTS will continue to sell and support an exciting lineup of CDMA handsets and operate its current CDMA wireless network in Manitoba to support both new and existing MTS customers and to carry other wireless roaming traffic. For more information about the full range of new service bundles and exciting new smartphones that are available, please visit our website at

About MTS

MTS is a division of MTS Allstream Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. As one of Canada’s leading national communication solutions companies, MTS Allstream provides innovative communications for the way Canadians want to live and work today. The Company has more than 100 years of experience, with 5,500 employees across Canada dedicated to a mission of delivering true value as seen through the eyes of our customers. MTS Allstream has nearly two million total customer connections spanning business customers across Canada and residential consumers throughout the province of Manitoba. The Company’s extensive national broadband and fibre optic network spans almost 30,000 kilometres. Manitoba Telecom Services Inc.’s common shares are listed on Toronto Stock Exchange (trading symbol: MBT). Customers, stakeholders and investors who want to learn more about MTS Allstream are encouraged to visit:

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