2011-2012 Resolution: Passing on PTH 6

Mar 25, 2011 | Chamber News

Preamble:   In December 2010, after a trial period to study the ramifications of allowing “Rocky Mountain Doubles” to travel on PTH 6, the government of Manitoba approved the operation of Long Combination Vehicles on the highway.  In Canada and the United States, most highways on which LCVs travel are divided or have four lanes, whereas PTH 6 is a two lane highway.  Highway 6 is the principal route by which freight is delivered to communities in its vicinity, including Thompson.   

Resolution: That the Government of Manitoba construct passing spaces on Highway 6, which travels from Winnipeg to Thompson. 

Resolution Report:  

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce produces Resolution reports as part of its commitment to be accountable to its members. The reports are updated as matters unfold and have two components:

MCC Advocacy: Specific activities the MCC has done to help make this Resolution a reality. 

Developments:  All other information (e.g. government action, media coverage, reports) that relates to Resolution. 

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MCC Advocacy: 

May 15, 2011: The 2011-2012 Resolutions were posted on the MCC website, listed as part of a comprehensive Report on AGM 2011 and then notice of this story was circulated through a news release as well as in an MCC E-Update which is sent to all MCC members, Media and Government.

June 22, 2011: Resolution books were sent to every MLA and every Member of Parliament that hails from Manitoba. The following had this Resolution specifically drawn to their attention with a detailed letter setting out the background to this issue, Government initiatives (where applicable), and an argument for the Resolution:

  • The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure


September 17, 2011: The NDP published a campaign announcement entitled “‘Today’s NDP Will Upgrade Roads Leading to Northern Opportunities’ Selinger” that touched on this issue.

The announcement included a pledge to perform upgrades to Highway 6. 

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