The University of Manitoba’s third annual 5 Days for the Homeless campaign, put on by students at the Asper School of Business, will begin Sunday, March 13 and run till Friday, March 18. 

Beginning at 5 p.m on Sunday, 5 students from the Asper school will live outside. They will have no access to showers, no source of income, and only eat or drink items donated directly to them. They must attend all of their classes. They will post their daily experiences on a blog at

This national campaign is held by business students at 21 universities and it aims to raise awareness about homelessness and raise money for local charitable organizations targeting this problem. 

The U of M’s campaign donates all funds raised to Resource Assistance for Youth (RaY), a Winnipeg organization that provides assistance ranging from clothing and meal services to addictions support for at-risk and homeless youth up to the age of 29. In the first year of the campaign at U of M, $13,000 was raised and last year over $15,000, which have helped RaY to purchase a van for their street outreach team and to fully stock and staff their kitchen for the past year. The school’s goal this year is to again reach the $15,000 mark. 

Money will be raised through donations received at seven locations across the campus and through various secondary events including a pancake breakfast, BBQ, coffee house, and silent auction. 

For more information please contact Cheryl Walker, External Marketing Coordinator of 5 Days for the Homeless, University of Manitoba, at 204-299-7963 ([email protected]), 

Or  Christine Laforge, Internal Marketing Coordinator, 5 Days for the Homeless, University of Manitoba, at 204-226-0516 ([email protected]).