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Mar 8, 2011 | Corporate Member News

The Burden Of Proof Exists For the Complainant 


Ms Mora was employed as a pharmacy technician at a retail location. Mr Karan joined that location as a pharmacist. Ms Mora complained that she had been harassed and then subsequently complained that her Employer had failed to take appropriate steps to deal with her harassment complaint. The Employer denied that Ms Mora had been harassed and said that it had conducted a proper investigation of her complaints.

Ms Mora alleged that over the period of two years during which they worked together, Mr Karan made verbal comments to her, which amounted to harassment on the basis of age and sex.

Ms Mora’s first example constituted a comment made by Mr Karan soon after he came to be employed at the same location. Mr Karan said that he liked his new job and that he intended on staying at the pharmacy. She did not provide any detail as to how this comment harassed her on the basis of age or sex. 

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About Hill Advisory Services:

A leader in dealing with conflict in the workplace

Since 1990 we have been investigating cases of harassment and discrimination Canada wide.  We provide solutions based on the same safe, reliable and respectful techniques that we use to conduct fair, thorough and effective investigations.

We believe that training can help eliminate conflict and have developed courses and electronic training programs to serve that vision. 

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