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Feb 7, 2011 | Corporate Member News

The ZüS™ Power Challenge

The ZüS™ Power Challenge is an opportunity for Global Wind Group with the aid of our dealer network and their customer worldwide to demonstrate how the energy produced from a 1 kW ZüS™ Modular Power System is being utilized. In 2012 entrants from all over the world will be able to participate in the ZüS™ Power Challenge for a chance at winning a cash prize. 

Current Entrants

Red River Exhibition Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada  

This project is demonstrating if there is sufficient power to power life in an 8’x16’ cabin in the middle of an extreme Winnipeg winter. The challenge will be carried out over the course of two weeks and involves a staff member to live in the cabin between the hours of 6PM and 7AM.

Components in the cabin will include a computer with internet access, a television, fridge, microwave and an exercise machine. All of these devices will run off the power generated from the turbine. There will be no connection to an outside power source even for the purposes of heating. The challenge will take place during the month of March 2011 and is the first of an annual challenge that will take place between all users of the ZüS™ Modular Power System.

TIM Enginering Ltd., Bahmastra, Gujarat, India

This project is demonstrating if there is enough power produced in one turbine to justify extrapolating to 108 units to help provide power to a new manufacturing facility in Bahmastra, Gujarat, India.

One unit has been installed on an existing tower and will be monitored by data collecting equipment. The unit will charge existing batteries which will power lights. The project will take place from January 2011 – April 2011.

New Dealers

In 2010 GWG had a variety of companies join our dealer network throughout the globe. GWG woiuld like to welcome Vanak Ltd. in Bermuda, Globe Link Telecom of Alaska, USA and Crest Service in Iowa, USA. We are excited to have these companies on board representing the 1 kW ZüS™ Modular Power System. Please take a look at our dealer page for more information on how to contact our dealers or to become a dealer yourself.

New Website

If you haven’t noticed, In early 2011, Global Wind Group redesigned their website to accomplish the following:

* Improve the Visitor Experience – We simplified and layout and navigation to provide a much easier experience for the visitor to find what they are looking for.
* Improve Visibility Online – We have made a few small additions such as the social media integration and search engine optimization, all in the hopes to make it easier to find and share the information on our website.

If you have any website suggestions or feedback please fill out a contact us form and let us know!

This information originally appeared on the Global Wind Group Inc. Blog. Check it out here.

About Global Wind Group Inc.

Global Wind Group Inc. is a Winnipeg, Manitoba based Clean Technology Company.

GWG designs, and sells vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) technology. Global Wind

Group’s value proposition is to bring the customer dependable, clean wind energy at the best possible price. 

Visit the GWG website here.  

Contact Information: 

Justin Phillips,
Vice President, Business Development
+1 (204) 777-WIND (9463)
[email protected]
Adam Dooley,
Dooley Communications
+1 (204) 415-0688
[email protected]  

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