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Feb 4, 2011 | Chamber News, Corporate Member News

Postime specializes in one thing only: electronic signs. It’s what we do and we do it well. In an age of decreasing marketing dollars and an increasing need to get your message across to your audience, our signs are an eco-friendly, cost-effective, measurable means of reaching your target.  We have >200 installations in Manitoba and twice as many outside the province.  We have built our business on our reputation – one customer at a time for the past 22 years.  Postime is proud to be a member of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce 

Our menu of sign options ensures we have something to meet your every need: 

  • LED powered indoor and outdoor digital message displays;
  • video boards;
  • interest rate and foreign exchange display systems;
  • hotel lobby meeting boards; and
  • NEW! Indoor television screen advertising. 

We stand apart from our competitors for several reasons: 

  • we offer personalized customer service;
  • we can customize any sign;
  • we manufacture locally where possible;
  • we offer complete diagnostic and repair service;
  • we offer onsite and web training for all of our products;
  • we can customize software for integration of any of our displays into specialized applications; and
  • we offer a parts and service warranty, serviced by experienced technologists. 

Why Buy A Sign? 

The more things change the more they stay the same. Advertising began hundreds of years ago with the simple sign hung in front of a store. It progressed to include newspaper, television, radio and the internet. All of those mediums are now increasingly competing for the attention of the consumer, with many of them opting out entirely. 

In all that clutter, the sign is the only sure-fire way to reach your audience. It’s simple, it’s quick to read and you can simply change your messages yourself to change your information. 

But, the humble sign has come a long way. It’s now more efficient, made of light emitting diodes (LEDs) that consume far less electricity with bulbs that last for years. They are virtually maintenance free and much better for the environment. 

That’s why you need to buy a sign – indoor or outdoor. Let us help you cut through the clutter and get your message out with our wide range of Postime sign options. 

Click here to visit the Postime Signs website.

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