Premiere Edition of Safety InSight Newsletter by On–Site Safety & Health Management Solutions

Jan 27, 2011 | Corporate Member News

We are pleased to introduce the premier edition of the “Safety Insight” by On–Site Safety & Health Management Solutions. With this quarterly newsletter we hope to introduce ways to help you keep on top of Workplace issues.


  • Psychological Harassment – New Regulation
  • Disability Management Practices in the Construction Sector

“Disability Management Practices in the Construction Sector” involves a project that was funded under the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba’s Community Initiatives and Research Program.  The project involved surveying organizations in the construction sector to determine what initiatives are currently in place to manage disability, to identify gaps in programming and to assist a group of companies with implementation of initiatives within their workplace.

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About On–Site Safety & Health Management Solutions:

Each year, thousands of employees are injured on the job. The short and long–term impact of these injuries can be significant. On–Site Safety & Health Management Solutions can help you incorporate safety into all your business activities.

The cost of a single workplace accident can be more than the price of prevention. With an understanding of your workplace history and specific concerns, we focus on managing trouble spots within a broad program of safety and disability management, or within a program customized specifically to meet your needs.

Our Expertise
We are experts in the field of safety, health and disability management, and we have a proven track record of assisting clients in developing creative solutions to manage disability issues, while reducing the cost of workplace injury and disability. Our team is experienced in safety auditing, training and injury management and has experience working in a variety of industry sectors, and for all sizes of organizations.

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