Alliance of Manitoba Sector Councils Newsletter – January/February

Jan 24, 2011 | Corporate Member News

Events and announcements relating to the AMSC and its 18 sector councils. 

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About the Alliance of Manitoba Sector Councils: 

The Alliance of Manitoba Sector Councils (AMSC) is a formal group of 18 sector councils with common goals:

  • Promote productivity, competitiveness and community economic development through innovative and leading edge collaborative projects
  • Encourage entrepreneurship and small and medium business start-up programs creating future opportunities for growth and development
  • Strengthen the skills of our Manitoba workforce and economy to allow an increase in production and competitiveness locally, nationally and internationally
  • Respond to the labour market changes through strategic initiatives related to Human Resources and Training to retain and recruit workers to Manitoba
  • Strengthen the skills of our current and future sector leaders in the area of human resources and training
  • Encourage joint and co-operative projects between sectors, with education, with industry and with government

Collectively, the members of AMSC support more than 198,000 Manitoba workers and over 3,000 Manitoba employers. To learn more about our member organizations, visit the Our Members page. 

Click here to learn more about the Alliance of Manitoba Sector Councils.

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