Cocoon Inc.’s Designs Score Two Applied Arts Awards

Jan 20, 2011 | Corporate Member News

Package design for brands developed by Cocoon for Oi and Gorp were both recognized by Applied Arts Design Awards. 

Oi Furniture

Oi is a furniture system that fits in a 30 x 30 box – a pretty unique selling feature – so its box needed to be something special and reflect the products quirky style. Cocoon wanted new Oi Furniture owners to get to know their furniture better through the packaging, so the box was designed to be full of interactive messages (that also emphasize key product benefits).

The package design for Oi Furniture was also named one of the Top 100 Package Designs of 2010 by, the worlds largest packaging website.


Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones. While developing the brand and package design with Gorp – creators of an all-natural clean energy bar – Cocoon realized that many people eat part of an energy bar before an activity and save the rest for later. But traditional packages arent designed for this type of split use. Cocoon developed a simple resealable sticker system that lets consumers save part of the bar for later – without having to clean pieces of it out of the bottom of their gym bag. Cocoon is excited for the complete rollout of this new brand in 2011.


Cocoon works with a broad range of clients in many different categories including start-ups and established brands. Cocoon assists in creating brands, their brand identity design, and branded experiences. Our approach promotes relevant creativity, focusing on the needs of the target audience and considering the core essence of the brand. Being a multi-disciplinary agency, Cocoon is able to conceive ideas and introduce them to the world in any way deemed most effective and appropriate – whether one or a combination of product design, advertising, online, print, retail environment. 

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