How HP BladeSystem and Compugen Inc Helped Image Engine Create Digital Effects for District 9

Jan 13, 2011 | Corporate Member News

Some excerpts: 

For the film to be effective, realistic visual effects were essential. Visual effects company Image Engine Design Inc. was an important partner in helping the film attain both critical and box-office success. And the results are in: District 9 was nominated for 42 film awards, including four Academy Award® nominations, and won ten awards. For its work, Image Engine was nominated for an Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects. 

HP certified partner Compugen Inc. provided the HP equipment and expertise. “Compugen is attentive to our needs, which is good,” says   Terry Bates, Head of Systems, Image Engine Design Inc. “They know to stay in contact with us and are very aware of HP’s product line and what’s available. We use their professional services for the deployment and configuration of servers.”

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About Compugen:

Stable & Enduring

Founded in 1981 by current President and CEO Harry Zarek, Compugen is one of Canada’s largest privately-owned and operated IT services providers and PC systems integrators. Compugen provides practical, real-world solutions and a comprehensive customer-focused portfolio of support services.

Driven By Standards … Delivering Value

Compugen has developed industry-leading TCO consulting expertise and has adopted industry-recognized TCO assessment tools and ITIL methodologies in order to measure, understand, refine and fully implement our own “best practices”. In keeping with our best practices approach, we developed a Web-enabled IT lifecycle management software tool, Compugen eMerge, initially as a product catalogue and procurement engine that streamlined our own product lifecycle management. Today, eMerge is used by more than 200 customers for a full range of IT management functions. Our TCO focus, supported by in-house tools and ITIL practices, affords our customers measurable cost savings and improved business processes.

Offering You Choice

Our consistency of ownership and vision over more than 20 years has enabled Compugen to build strong alliances with all of the major hardware and software manufacturers, including IBM, HP, Cisco, and Microsoft, as well as smaller, more specialized technology companies. The combination of long-term alliances with major industry players and partnerships with innovative specialists ensures that the solutions we create for our customers take advantage of both reliable platforms and state-of-the-art technologies.

Technical Expertise

With a highly qualified technical staff operating from offices in major business centres from coast to coast, Compugen provides a full range of solutions and services to mid- to large-size public and private enterprises.

Find out more about Compugen here.

Local Contacts:

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National Director Communications Infrastructure Group
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(204) 475-5500
[email protected]
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Branch Analyst
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