Vancouver-ites to Conduct Social Good Experiment as Part of Pepsi Refresh Project

Dec 1, 2010 | Corporate Member News

Teams Unleashed On Streets of Vancouver With $100 for 100 Minutes To Do Good Deeds And Then Share Their Experiences

So what would YOU do if you had 100 minutes and $100 bucks to do some good in Vancouver?

The Pepsi Refresh Project (www/ is about to conduct an experiment in social good in Vancouver.

Tomorrow, December 2, citizens of Vancouver are being asked to see what good they can do with $100 bucks in 100 minutes or less. 

Here’s how it works:  Interested participants bring $20.  They are teamed with three other participants who also bring $20.  The Pepsi Refresh Project throws in $20, bringing the four-person team total to $100.  The team then hits the street to perform good deeds using their $100 over a period of 100 minutes.  Maybe they buy transit tokens for someone who needs a lift.  If it’s raining, maybe they buy an umbrella for someone who needs one.  The opportunities for good are endless.

After 100 minutes of performing good deeds, the results of this social good experiment will be discussed at a gathering of participants, who will share their stories about how they spent their money and how it made them feel.

WHO:  The Pepsi Refresh Project and the citizens of Vancouver

WHAT:  An experiment in social good:  4Funds Refresh Vancouver

WHERE:  Canvas Lounge, 99 Powell Street, Vancouver

WHEN: Registration at 5:45 pm; Hit the streets to do good at 6:15 pm; Meet to share stories at 8:00 pm

WHY:  Because doing good matters.

Anyone can register to participate, beginning at 5:45 pm at 99 Powell Street.

For further information:

Media Contact:

Matt Juniper
905-949-8255 Ext 225
[email protected] 

For more information about the Pepsi Refresh Project, please visit

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