Manitoba’s WCB Assessment Rate Drops Due To Prevention, Return to Work Initiatives

Nov 25, 2010 | Corporate Member News

The average WCB assessment rate in Manitoba will drop from $1.60 to $1.50 effective January 1, 2011, due in large part to the reduced costs resulting from injury prevention and return to work initiatives. The rates had held steady at $1.60 since 2008.

Manitoba employers will pay an average of $1.50 per $100.00 of their assessable payroll to the WCB for injury insurance coverage, including wage loss payments, medical benefits and rehabilitation services. That rate may be higher or lower, depending on the employer’s injury experience and the safety and health risk of their industry.

“This represents a significant reduction in the average assessment rate and proof that Manitobans are getting the message about workplace safety,” says Doug Sexsmith, WCB President and CEO. “The injuries are decreasing, which allows us to continue to offer a competitive advantage for Manitoba employers by keeping assessment rates low.”

Sexsmith adds that the average assessment rate the WCB sets is one of many factors that determine what an employer pays in premiums.

“The best way for employers to reduce their premiums is to prevent injuries and to return injured workers to meaningful work as soon as it’s safe to do so, which is what we see happening.”

Overall, about 86 per cent of employers will pay lower WCB assessment rates in 2011, while 11 per cent will pay more and 3 per cent will not see a change in their rates. Those employers who had the largest declines in their injury experience benefited the most. Manitoba will have the second lowest workers compensation assessment rates in the country.

“Although most of our employers will see rate reductions, the fact that over one in ten employers will pay more tells us that there is still room for improvement in injury prevention and return to work”, adds Sexsmith. WCB

The gradual increase in the maximum assessable earnings cap also continues, with the 2011 ceiling set at $96,000.

The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba is a mutual workplace injury and disability insurance agency funded by employer premiums. With a mandate to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, the WCB is committed to building a culture of health and safety in Manitoba through the SAFE Work program and community partnerships. Workplace injuries and illnesses are preventable but should they occur, the WCB is here to help injured workers, their families and employers.

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