PMI: How to Stand Out From the Crowd in Today’s Job Market*

Nov 19, 2010 | Corporate Member News

Opportunities for project managers are increasing. Companies are no longer in survival mode. They have more money to invest and more orders to fulfill, and many are restarting projects that were put on hold. Organizations are searching for project managers to take on these initiatives and are making a point to recruit and retain the best talent.

There’s global demand for project managers. Emerging economies are growing at a faster rate than those of the developed world. But that doesn’t mean you should run off to a market just because it’s expanding. People often find jobs by reaching out to areas they are familiar with and are naturally suited for.

The sectors with the most opportunities for project managers are in healthcare and energy. In addition, many companies plan to expand their businesses in international markets. Other areas with strong demand for project managers include infrastructure, banking, construction and technology.

Keep your core network constantly engaged. Don’t blanket your network with your résumé and then never follow up. Reconnect with people and talk to them about your skills. Find out whom in that person’s organization you should contact; he or she might be able to get you an interview.

Listen before you speak in an interview. Rather than spouting off your biggest accomplishments, listen to what the organization’s needs are so you can tailor your candidacy. If you know what the company is looking for, pick out accomplishments that can speak to its needs and prove you are the best candidate.

All organizations need fresh, young, talented project managers. Young project managers should bring energy, an openness to being a good apprentice, and an eagerness to work hard. Do what is needed, be reliable and fit into the organization.

No matter how discouraged you feel, keep at your job search. If you don’t land the first job you apply for, be able to deal with that rejection. Remember that the harder you work at your job search and the more energy you have, the better opportunities you will find.

*This article originally appeared on the site of the Project Management Institute (PMI). It summarizes some elements of the second Career Central podcast of John Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, in which he shares advice on how project managers can set themselves apart from the competition and show off their strengths more effectively in today’s job market. To access the podcast click here.

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