Marine Service from Churchill to Nunavut Planned

Nov 19, 2010 | Corporate Member News

People of Kivalliq to benefit from more reliable, faster service

OmniTRAX Canada, Inc. (OmniTRAX) and Braden-Burry Expediting (BBE) are taking significant steps to improve the reliability of the sealift resupply from the Port of Churchill to the Kivalliq region of Nunavut. The companies have commenced a search for a marine carrier to provide services out of Churchill so sealift materials can make their way to Kivalliq residents faster and more reliably. The addition of a marine service to the current supply chain will also reestablish Churchill as a primary supply point for the region. This action will establish a seamless trade corridor from Winnipeg to Nunavut that began with the combined efforts of the Gardewine Group (Gardewine), BBE and OmniTRAX earlier this year.

“OmniTRAX, BBE and Gardewine worked closely this past summer and together we made significant improvements in the Manitoba-Kivalliq supply chain by improving pricing and simplifying the freight-management process for Kivalliq region,” said Eitan Dehtiar, vice president of BBE. “Arranging for the marine part of the supply chain is the next logical step in providing premium service to communities in the Kivalliq region.”

“An all-inclusive freight rate from Winnipeg to the communities on the western shore of Hudson Bay has been extremely popular, but the customers approached OmniTRAX and BBE to take a more active role in the management of the marine services in Churchill,” said Gary Long, president and CEO of OmniTRAX.

BBE, Gardewine and OmniTRAX have partnered on projects before and look forward to building on the re-supply successes that currently benefit the corridor. The people of Kivalliq also welcome the news.

“We look forward to the earlier departures of the re-supply system from Churchill so we may start our construction season much earlier then we’ve been able to the past few years,” Rankin Inlet, Nunavut Mayor John Hickes said. “Integrated pricing and the seamless transfer of goods will certainly improve our re-supply needs.”

Braden-Burry Expediting, headquartered in Yellowknife, NWT, has been providing high quality supply chain management, project planning and third party logistical services to clients operating in Northern Canada since 1977. BBE offers a broad range of services, including freight forwarding, cargo consolidation, procurement of transportation services and delivery of cargo using the most cost effective and time-critical modes of transportation, including air, road, rail and marine carriers. BBE has facilities and operations in Churchill, Winnipeg, Iqaluit, Yellowknife, Inuvik, Edmonton and Calgary with partnerships in Baker Lake, Norman Wells, and Fort Simpson. 

The Port of Churchill is owned by OmniTRAX ( and based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Port is Canada’s only deepwater Arctic port and it is served by its affiliate, Hudson Bay Railway Company (HBR). The Port and HBR make up a transportation system geared to provide service to and from Northern Manitoba and Nunavut. In addition to the Port of Churchill, OmniTRAX manages transportation businesses located in three Canadian provinces and 10 US states, and offers a full range of transportation and logistics services. These services include railroad, port and freight terminal operations. Through its affiliation with The Broe Group ( and its managed companies, OmniTRAX has the unique capability of offering customers specialized industrial development and real estate solutions, both on and off the OmniTRAX network.  

Gardewine Group Inc., ( with its head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba has been in the road transport business for over 50 years. Through its trucking operations, Gardewine North and Northern Deck the Gardewine Group is an important road transport connection to the Port of Churchill, connecting with Hudson Bay Railway in Thompson, Manitoba.

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