Manitoba Business Awards Recap: The Grand Twitter Experiment

Nov 17, 2010 | Chamber News

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As announced, the 2010 Manitoba Business Awards was the first time the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce organized live Tweeting during one of its events. 

Taking  a ‘go big or go home’ approach the MCC deliberately picked its crown jewel business networking event – the 400 plus gathering that is the Business Awards Gala – to experiment with, arguably, the crown jewel platform for social media networking, Twitter. It also brought in a crackerjack Twitter Team, the great people from Modern Earth Web Design. 

“It sounds simple, ‘Tweet during an event’, but we were quite ambitious about it”, explains Dan Overall, Director of Policy and Communications for the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce. “First there was the logistics – we wanted to cover a crowd of over 400 in three areas: the reception, the VIP room and the banquet hall. Then there was the basic goal – celebrate our finalists, recipients, sponsors, attendees and the event in general AND do so in a way that liberally mixed in nuggets of business insights such as networking tips, business advice and people’s first jobs.” 

Overall says the Modern Earth team was amazing :

“They really knocked it out of the park for us.” 

Some examples of the Tweets: 

  • Westman Comm – “My dad told me not to lean on my shovel – We will not be leaning on our shovels.”                
  • Louis Paquin @prodrivard here. Says 1st job was picking blueberries after grade two 
  • FYI has planned landscapes as big as Scotland and as small as a bird house 
  • Michael Leech here. Says 1st job: at 11, sweeping floors and cleaning offices at Leech Printing 
  • Ken Thomas, is here. Says best network’g advice: Be yourself and ask people questions about their lives 
  • Larry Vickar here. Says 1st job: Pumping gas at my dad’s service station in Melfort, SK 
  • From Dr Mauro – “For me, to serve the community is a foregone conclusion… This province welcomed me.” 

In total the night attracted over 170 Tweets and the team was approached by a number of businesses looking to learn more about Twitter. 

Statistics for the night’s Tweets are available here – What the Hashtag, #mbbizawards 
Read the full transcript of the night’s festivities here – What the Hashtag transcript for #mbbizawards, November 3rd and 4th

You can follow the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce on  Twitter here.

Special Thanks to the Modern Earth Tweet Team (letters and ‘^’ before a name indicates the Tweeter’s ‘handle’): 

  • Susan Hurrell – Coverage strategy, deployment, event management
  • ^DB – Dan Belhassen, President of Modern Earth
  • ^pg – Philip Giles, Senior Account Executive
  • ^CN – Chad Norris, Software Development Manager
  • ^MG – Michel Gauthier, Developer
  • ^RG – Rylaan Gimby, Media Specialist
  • ^IR – Ian M Rountree, Online Marketing Specialist
  • Marnie Grimolfson – Tweet team support


“In their own words”: the Tweet Team talks about the experience: 

The Modern Earth Tweet Team courtesy of a Smart Phone pic

Dan B – “Everyone likes to see their name in lights.  Tweeting an event allows for a level of social interactivity between participants who discover who else is in the room.” 

Susan – “It was an honour to work with the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce to add an extra dimension to their event – taking it outside the walls of the Convention Centre into the Twitterverse – allowing people everywhere to share in the event – learn about our great businesses and to send congrats to the winners.” 

Philip –  “It was as important to tweet the sponsors and selection committee as it was the award winners – this kind of event requires many levels of involvement – so we ensured that these key components were recognized as well.” 

Marnie – “It was wonderful to see so many people from the business community celebrating the success of one another, and to tweet their quotes really showed how much Manitoba businesses support each other!” 

Ian – “Covering the awards was quite an experience, and one I hope to repeat. We had a great time talking tech with attendees, and the whole crowd seemed enthusiastic about the unique coverage!” 

Chad – “I had a wonderful time showcasing the next generation of event promotion technology and have fun doing it!” 

Rylaan – “Having people react to the tweets was great to see.”

Michel – “It was great to see so many people having their phones on their tables, watching the Twitter stream” 

Modern Earth is available to Tweet at your function. If you are interested contact Susan Hurrell at [email protected] or direct line: 204-790-2474 x208.    

To find out more about Modern Earth Web Design, check out its website here

Thanks again to Modern Earth and all the other Tweeters for making this ‘grand experiment’ such a success.

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