2010 MBA Profile Page: Vickar Auto Group

Nov 3, 2010 | Chamber News

The 2010 Manitoba Business Awards,

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Vickar Auto Group: Recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community by a Business

About Vickar Auto Group:

Click here to access the Vickar Auto Group website.

In Their Own Words:

We asked our Lieutenant Governor’s Awards finalists to express their pride in Manitoba and the importance of serving the community in 120 words (give or take). Here is what Vickar Auto Group had to say:

“Our ‘not too big, not too small’ population of Manitoba and Winnipeg leads to a sense of ‘friendship’ and courtesy toward even perfect strangers.  One never knows when that person ‘you bump into’ on the street is going to be in front of you again.  It leads to a pervasive feeling of caring and community. 

Manitoba has the social, cultural, ecological, and many of the vocational benefits accessible to most citizens at every step on the socio-economic scale that the ‘largest’ centres have and in some cases more.  It is important to contribute to the community because by doing so it makes Manitoba a better place to live for all of us and by doing so it provides us our success.”

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