2010 MBA Profile Page: RBC Royal Bank

Nov 3, 2010 | Chamber News

The 2010 Manitoba Business Awards,

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RBC Royal Bank: Finalist for the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community by a Business

About RBC Royal Bank:

Click here to access the RBC Royal Bank website.

In Their Own Words:

We asked our Lieutenant Governor’s Awards finalists to express their pride in Manitoba and the importance of serving the community in 120 words (give or take). Here is what RBC Royal Bank had to say:

“We have much to be proud of in Manitoba. We are a province of diversity built on the generous spirit of the pioneers and indigenous forefathers who settled this land.  Our long winters made us a strong community of people who knew that working together was the only way to survive and prosper.  These roots of helping one another are deep and the evidence is still visible today. Our citizens are recognized across Canada as the most generous for sharing of their time and gifts.  Every year many people from around the world come to Manitoba adding to the rich vibrancy and diversity of our economy, the local arts and our wonderful ethnic restaurants!  Giving back to the community is important and what we love about Manitoba is the spirit of generosity. Together we all make this a great place to live and work.” 

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