The 2010 Manitoba Business Awards,

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MacMor Industries: Recipient of the Award for Outstanding Long Term Business – Winnipeg

About MacMor Industries:

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In Their Own Words:

We asked Manitoba Business Awards finalists to say what they are most proud of in relation to their business in 120 words (give or take). Here is what MacMor Industries had to say:

“There are many things that that we are proud of, but what sticks out the most is that our employees really care about our business. We pride ourselves our making the customer number one – it doesn’t matter if you are a one million dollar account or and a ten dollar account, you will always get great service. And that’s why the customer keeps coming back.”

Accepting the award for MacMor Industries is Arthur Roy, Director of Sales and Marketing (centre); presented by MCC Chairman Wayne McWhirter (r) and MBA Jury Panel Chair Robert Filuk (l)