CWB Takes Special Measures to Help Farmers Deliver after Late Harvest

Oct 28, 2010 | Corporate Member News

In recognition of the delivery difficulties experienced by farmers due to wet weather and the late harvest, the CWB is taking steps to help meet farmers’ delivery needs.

“Due to wet and cold weather, most farmers have brought in their crop late, and some may still not know its quality,” said Ward Weisensel, CWB chief operating officer. “The special measures being taken by the CWB will help ensure farmers retain delivery opportunities as much as possible.”

To help farmers deliver, Series B delivery calls will start on Nov. 1, which is the last day for Series A sign-up. Most Series B calls will be the same as on existing Series A. By having Series B calls start early, farmers who are still unsure of their grain grades or volume and cannot sign up Series A by Nov. 1 can immediately deliver on Series B, retaining the opportunity to deliver their grain.

In addition, a Guaranteed Delivery Contract (GDC) has been announced for Nos. 1 and 2 Canada Western Amber Durum. The GDC has 100-per cent-acceptance. This GDC is in addition to Series sign-up for durum. The CWB is encouraging farmers to deliver durum wherever possible to meet existing sales commitments to customers.

The CWB is working closely with grain companies to ensure smooth movement of grain into the elevator system for farmers and for customers. For more information on delivery options, visit

Controlled by western Canadian farmers, the CWB is the largest wheat and barley marketer in the world. One of Canada’s biggest exporters, the Winnipeg-based organization sells grain to over 70 countries and returns all sales revenue, less marketing costs, to farmers.

For more information, please contact:
John Lyons
CWB media relations manager
Tel: (204) 983-3101
Cell: (204) 223-4281
[email protected]

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