“Working Together” The Winnipeg Foundation Magazine (Fall 2010 Edition)

Oct 8, 2010 | Corporate Member News

In this issue:

  • Foundation facts; In the community
  • Grants: New place for newcomers
  • Grants: Beyond statistics
  • Community: Summer of inspiration
  • Donors: A study of generosity
  • Donors: A philosophy of giving
  • Donors: Giving siblings
  • Community: Feeding the need
  • Community: Putting down roots, growing our communities
  • Community: Above and beyond
  • Tell us your story; Great grants
  • Grants: Green and grand
  • Community: Professional results 

Click here to access the magazine. 

About the Winnipeg Foundation:
The Winnipeg Foundation is Canada’s first community foundation, created in 1921 by banker and entrepreneur William Forbes Alloway as his gift back to the community that supported his success. Since it began, the Foundation has granted more than $240 million to charities that help our community life flourish. Through permanent endowment funds, the Foundation helps to strengthen our community and create a legacy for all of our donors.

The Winnipeg Foundation is committed to connecting donors with opportunities to support causes they care about, as well as identifying and responding to the changing needs of our community. The Foundation is also dedicated to responsible stewardship of the funds entrusted to us by donors from all walks of life.

While serving the charitable needs of Winnipeg is our main focus, the Foundation also works closely with community foundations across the province. Through donor advised and designated funds, the Literacy for Life Fund and community grants to organizations located outside the city (but serving Winnipeggers), we support charitable projects throughout Manitoba.

The Foundation also plays a leadership role in Manitoba’s network of 43 community foundations. In 2009, we granted $115,000 to Manitoba community foundations for administrative and financial reporting. We also oversee a matching program that provides $100,000 a year to boost scholarships and bursary funds created by community foundations in the province. In 2009, these scholarships generated more than $58,000 to assist Manitoba students pursuing post secondary education.

For a map of Manitoba’s community foundations, and the areas they serve, click here.
MB Community Foundations Regional Map.pdf

For an overview of The Winnipeg Foundation, please click here. For further information, including requesting guest speaker, and making a gift to the community – visit our website at www.wpgfdn.org. You can also listen to podcasts, learn more about our programs and projects, watch agency videos or read CEO Rick Frost’s blog

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