Manitoba Lotteries to Plant 20,000 Trees on Maple Leaf Day

Sep 21, 2010 | Corporate Member News


Survey of tree planting site at Earl Grey Landfill earlier this September. From left to right: Scott Pawluk, Assistant Superintendant for RM of St. Andrews; Elmer Keryluk, Councillor for Ward 2, Municipality of St. Andrews, Clandeboye; Ken Fosty, Communications Advisor – Manitoba for Tree Canada

Forestation Program Contributes to Carbon Neutral Status

Manitoba Lotteries is planting 20,000 trees tomorrow on Maple Leaf Day. As part of the corporation’s approach to sustainable development, the tree planting helps make Manitoba Lotteries the only gaming organization in Canada certified as a carbon neutral organization by Tree Canada. This marks the sixth year Manitoba Lotteries has engaged in planting trees.

“We work with Tree Canada and the Manitoba Forestry Association to select and prepare an appropriate site, which this year is in the RM of St. Andrew,” said Winston Hodgins, President and CEO of Manitoba Lotteries. “The tree planting program is approached with the same due diligence as our other sustainable development efforts, using established environmental methodology for targeted and meaningful results.”

Achieving carbon neutrality through tree planting is just one part of Manitoba Lotteries’ comprehensive sustainable development program that includes reducing energy and water consumption, waste minimization and environmentally responsible purchasing.

The White Spruce seedlings being planted will create a berm around the Earl Grey Landfill in St. Andrews. In addition to sequestering carbon for decades to come, these seedlings will mature into an effective wind break and a visual screen between the landfill and neighbouring homes.

“White Spruce is a hardy species of tree native to Manitoba,” said Ken Fosty, Tree Canada’s Communications Advisor for Manitoba. “It is insect and disease resistant, and grows in a variety of soil and moisture conditions. It also has a long lifespan and provides good wildlife habitat as an evergreen.”

Manitoba Lotteries’ partners include Tree Canada in selecting and preparing an appropriate site, and the RM of St. Andrews in granting access to the land. Tree planting services are once again contracted to a Fort Alexander First Nations tree planting crew.

More information on Manitoba Lotteries’ commitment to sustainable development can be found in the Corporate Social Responsibility Report available at

For more information contact:

Lorne Kletke
Communications Officer
[email protected]
(204) 957-2500 ext. 2341

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