UWinnipeg Research Team Wins Grant from Lake Winnipeg Basin Stewardship Fund

Sep 13, 2010 | Corporate Member News

Dr. Charles Wong and his colleague demonstrate the concept behind the project at the Forks on Sept 13, 2010

The University of Winnipeg’s Bill Buhay, Associate Professor of Geography and Charles Wong – Canada Research Chair in Environmental Toxicology and Associate Professor in Chemistry and Environmental Science – earned a grant of $148,760 from the Lake Winnipeg Basin Stewardship Fund, Environment Canada for the enhanced removal of nutrients, organic micropollutants, and toxicity from sewage lagoons and waters of Morden and Winkler, Manitoba by manipulative constructed wetland microcosms project. 

Others in the research team include Jules Carlson, Chemistry, UWinnipeg; and Mark Hanson, Associate Professor, University of Manitoba.  

Commitment to Aquatic Research

“Congratulations to Dr. Buhay and Dr. Wong and his team for earning this significant grant to further their high level water research”, said Rod Hanley, UWinnipeg’s Dean of Science. “This grant recognizes UWinnipeg’s strategic emphasis and commitment to aquatic research and our established reputation for our excellent research standards and academic excellence that is shared with our students.”

Project partners include the Town of Morden; the City of Winkler; the Pembina Valley Conservation District; Dr. Charles Knapp, University of Strathclyde; Environmental Sampling Technologies, Inc.; and Fisheries and Oceans Canada. 

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Naniece Ibrahim, Communications Officer, The University of Winnipeg 

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