Acrodex Newsletter for September 2010

Sep 13, 2010 | Corporate Member News

In this edition: 

  • News: Introducing a new look and feel
  • Interactive: The Managed Print Advantage 
  • Feature: Mr(s) Acrodex goes to Washington
  • Case Study of the Month: Licensing for the Long Term
  • Announcements: Channel Elite Award contenders
  • Upcoming Events 

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About Acrodex:

Acrodex is a premier provider of strategic IT services designed specifically for large-enterprise and mid-tier organizations. Our solution-based services are founded on mature internal competencies in technology provisioning, enterprise software licensing, managed operations, IT infrastructure, network solutions, web application development, and project management. Acrodex differentiates itself in the marketplace through service excellence, flexibility, business value, and passion for our customer’s success.

Acrodex works directly with its customers to design and implement enabling technologies that will accelerate their core business. Our capacity to deliver business value through efficient and well designed IT solutions is a foundation to our strategy of developing long-term customer relationships and becoming a trusted advisor.

Acrodex is committed to service level excellence. You can expect our teams to introduce innovative solutions that create competitive advantages for your team by resolving technical challenges and achieving new operational efficiencies. Although Acrodex is a technology company, we are motivated to build solutions that enable business benefits. 

Services and Solutions 

Acrodex’s solution-based IT services are designed for large-enterprise and mid-tier organizations that rely on stable technical infrastructure to support their daily operations. To demonstrate our capabilities, Acrodex’s infrastructure team provides IT operations and infrastructure services that support a growing base of over 100,000 users. Acrodex’s enterprise software services, hardware provisioning, and application services teams compliment our infrastructure services through project-based services.

Regional Coverage 

Based in Alberta, Acrodex has facilities located in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Regina, and Fort McMurray. Our regional offices provide local services augmented by our technical competency groups and corporate resources. Our commitment to developing a strong regional presence is another foundation of our strategy as we expand across Canada. 

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