Manitoba’s Cattle Producers Expectant of Provincial Announcement for Aid

Sep 8, 2010 | Corporate Member News

Manitoba’s cattle producers are anticipating an announcement by the Province with regard to impending aid for their industry.  There has been expectancy of an announcement since last week, as Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives, Stan Struthers, indicated one would be forthcoming at the close of August.   The Manitoba Cattle Producers Association eagerly awaits an announcement that will be aligned both with their lobbying efforts to date and which will swiftly meet the urgent needs of producers in disaster. 

Sheila Mowat, General Manager of MCPA

 “The province has acknowledged, at our meetings to date, that they recognize the extreme situation many producers find themselves in due to the excess moisture crisis again this year,” said Sheila Mowat, General Manager of MCPA.  “We have met on several occasions to review the much needed programs we have put forth, and discuss not only the financial aid and support desperately needed for many producers to subsist through another year of flooding, but also the program implementation needed to create a measure of stability moving forward.  We are eagerly anticipating that an announcement will be made soon.” 

Producers are anxious to hear something, according to Mowat, as she indicated the dramatic influx of inbound calls at the MCPA office last week. 

“Calls from producers all across the province have been substantive and continue to increase – most asking the same question – when?”, she said.  “Some areas have again seen a deluge of rain fall last week so many are fraught with concern while waiting to hear when aid is coming.”  

Mowat reiterated that the aid required is more than just ‘financial’. 

“It’s about the future of the industry and embracing a common vision for its sustainability moving forward. As shared by our producers, we’ve been disappointed by the delay in receiving aid – we are in a state of emergency – but feel hopeful  that a joint embrace and swift implementation of the programs we have brought forward at this date can still mean that we can move toward stability and rebuilding,” said Mowat. 

“We have been diligent in this process of putting a plan together with programs that really work for all producers – from the cow/calf to the feeder. If we are serious about creating future sustainability for our industry, these programs must be incorporated as an integral part of that vision.   We are therefore hopeful we will hear that our recommendations have been embraced so that we can collaboratively join together and pursue these shared objectives in order to provide the urgent emergency aid our beef producers need to carry on and work toward the implementation of programs in order to ultimately benefit the beef industry of Manitoba for all Manitobans.”  

A delay in aid does not delay the inevitable need, according to Mowat.

“Aid is desperately needed in order to survive yet another year of disaster and that urgent need is not going away and cannot be delayed. The need is desperate and the time is now. If we execute these programs in a swift manner, we can realize dramatic progress toward stability and sustainability for our industry.  The programs we have put together are comprehensive and focus on all the right elements for stability now and future viability.  We greatly look forward to hearing soon from the Province with an announcement that reinforces both a shared vision and objective to achieve that end.” 

The Manitoba Cattle Producers Association is the exclusive voice of the cattle industry in Manitoba through communication, advocacy, research and education within industry and to government, consumers and others, to improve prosperity and ensure a sustainable future. The Association represents 10,000 cattle producers across the province.

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