Manitoba School Boards Association Campaign Says School Elections Are Everybody’s Business

Sep 2, 2010 | Corporate Member News

Everybody—whether or not they have school-aged children—has a stake in our public schools, and by voting in school board elections, they also have a voice.  That’s the message behind a Manitoba School Boards Association campaign aimed at raising awareness about the October 27 elections. 

According to Carolyn Duhamel, the association’s executive director, many people believe that they should leave the electoral decision-making to the parents whose children are most directly affected by school board decisions.  But that approach ignores the reality that strong schools are integral to vibrant communities. 

Carolyn Duhamel

“For example,” noted Mrs. Duhamel, “the business community has an enormous stake in the quality of our public education system.  Our schools play a major role in building a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.  Good public schools also attract new residents, which is good for business and the local economy.” 

The Manitoba School Boards Association campaign was launched this spring, with the distribution of a series of posters encouraging people who care about kids, learning and community to think about becoming school trustees.  In its current phase, the association is distributing posters aimed at encouraging voter turnout in the elections, as well as a pamphlet that outlines reasons to care about public schools, reasons school boards matter, and qualities to look for in school boards candidate.  In the upcoming weeks, print ads will reinforce these messages, as will a radio campaign in the days leading up to the election. 

All print material has been posted to the association website at  Print copies may be obtained, at no charge, be emailing [email protected]

The Manitoba School Boards Association:

Who We Are:

The Manitoba School Boards Association is a voluntary organization of public school boards in Manitoba. The mission of the Manitoba School Boards Association is to enhance the work of locally elected school boards through leadership, advocacy and service, and to champion the cause of public education for all students in Manitoba.

The office of the Manitoba School Boards Association is located at 191 Provencher Boulevard in Winnipeg, Manitoba. From this office, the Association’s 17 full-time staff members provide services to school boards in two broad areas.

What We Do:

The Member Services and Administration Department is responsible for the general administration of the Association, and for ensuring the implementation of the policies and instructions of the Provincial Executive. The Member Services and Administration Department provides support services to the Provincial Executive and many of its internal committees. It also carries out the accounting functions of the Association. The risk management and general insurance programs are administered through this department.

The Labour Relations Department is responsible for providing labour relations and personnel services to member school boards in the capacity of advisor, coordinator, and agent. The Manitoba School Boards Association Labour Relations Department assists member boards in the maintenance of good employer-employee relationships through the establishment of fair and reasonable salaries, benefits, and working conditions. 

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