North West Company Publishes Community Support Newsletter

Aug 27, 2010 | Corporate Member News

News items in this edition include: 

  • Canada Goose Winner
  • Happy Anniversary Nunavut!
  • Norman Wells Bike Safety
  • Batting Against Breast Cancer
  • Hooper Bay Scavenger Hunt
  • Culture Camp
  • Family Fun Day
  • 3…2…1 GO!
  • Healthy Choice in CUL

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About The North West Company:

The North West Company (NWC or North West) is a leading community retailer to underserved rural communities and urban neighbourhood markets in the following regions: northern Canada, western Canada, rural Alaska, the South Pacific and the Caribbean. Our stores offer a broad range of retail products and services with an emphasis on food. Our value offer is to be the best local shopping choice for everyday household and local lifestyle needs. 

Our core strengths center on our ability to adapt our product mix to each market we serve; our logistics expertise in moving product to, and operating stores within, remote or difficult to serve locations; our knowledge in serving indigenous and lower-income customers and our ability to apply these strengths to serve customers within complementary niche markets. 

North West owns a rich enterprising legacy as one of the longest continuing retail enterprises in the world, with many of our stores in northern Canada and Alaska having continuously served their communities for over 340 years. Today these northern stores operate in communities with populations from 500 to 7,000. A typical store is 7,500 square feet in size and offers food, family apparel, housewares, appliances, outdoor products, and services such as quick-service prepared food, special ordering, money transfers and cheque cashing. 

We have also applied our expertise and infrastructure to new markets. These include the expansion of wholesaling to independent stores, opening junior discount stores in rural communities and urban neighbourhoods in western Canada and our recent acquisition of Cost-U-Less, Inc. (CUL), a chain of midsize warehouse format stores serving the South Pacific and the Caribbean. 

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